New Feature: Practices For Sale

A clinical practice with a heart in the heart of Portland
$225,000 annual collections with less than 50% overhead.
Priced below market value at $75,000.

Dr. Scott

After 30 years of practice I’ve seen a few things. I’ve shared overhead in a group and rented to a menagerie of practitioners (naturopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and even psychologists.) I’ve heard good stories of mutually beneficial business arrangements and HORROR STORIES of dishonest or greedy people. Because I know a lot of people and can reach even more people, I was recently asked to help a colleague promote and sell her practice here in Portland, Oregon.  Here goes:

Purchase this practice and you will have the stuff that dreams are made of:

An established, profitable clinic which specializes in the emerging field of chiropractic neurology.
The practicing doctor took the chiropractic neurology courses and so should you*. This practice has attracted some of the most interesting cases and most rewarding outcomes in all of chiropractic.  Many of the patients are committed to regular care and are referring friends and family to Third Way Chiropractic Clinic.
The practice has been built in a manner that chiropractic consultants have been recommending for years: a highly efficient, small-footprint office which is capable of seeing as many patients as the doctor wants to treat without the need to support a crushing overhead.
The practice is highly profitable as the policies are designed for patient responsibility for both finance and personal health.
While auto accident cases are billed directly on behalf of patients, the practice enjoys the freedom of nearly zero accounts receivable to health insurance providers. Patients simply mail in their receipt and do battle with their own insurer freeing the doctor and staff to concentrate on cost-effective neurological wellbeing. What’s more, patients refer similar-minded patients.
The seller is willing to transition patients to the new doctor for a reasonable amount of time. We have discussed adding simple tests and procedures aimed at bringing excitement to the prospect of a new doctor in the practice. (There is an abundance of interesting devices and therapy techniques out there to add to any practice.)
The buyer must be motivated to learn and grow well beyond the comfort zone of a typical chiropractic practice. If miracles are what one wants to see, then major study is part of the bargain. (Many chiropractic neurology courses are now offered online.)
The seller will be available for Skype consultation and coaching for months after the sale as she is a scientist and helper by nature. Portland has several chiropractic functional neurologists who are friendly and helpful to one another.

*Dr. Boothby took the courses but did not sit for the boards. She already has an engineering degree from M.I.T. and a doctor of chiropractic degree. Apparently the knowledge rather than another certification was her goal.

For a 45 second intro to Dr. Judy’s practice: CLICK HERE

For a 90 second description of the practice CLICK HERE.

Please forward this information to any young chiropractor who is looking for an adventure. I can be reached at:

Scott Abrahamson, DC
Portland, Oregon