Welcome to DCCredits.org!

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Welcome to DCCredits.org
We specialize in presenting online classes that are valuable AND enjoyable.
We began with CA classes on CACredits.org and our DC catalog is growing as Dr. Scott produces courses.

(Scroll down as new information and courses are added regularly.)

  • Boundaries For Physicians
  • Chiropractic & Neurosurgery
  • Documentation/Record Keeping for Physicians-6 hour course
  • Stress, anxiety, panic disorders, and PTSD: Resources to help patients.
  • An Introduction to Injection Therapy for Joint Tissue Repair- Prolotherapy, PRP, etc

To assure compliance with all state board regulations, our classes are hosted on:
www.dccredits.myicourse.com (click the link.)

OBCE Required 2-hour
Record Keeping Course is here!

Interesting, enjoyable, recorded course for your convenience.
Watch all or part, take a break, return later to finish.
It’s hosted on a board certified teaching website (myicourse.com)

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